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Free trade areas or blocs such as:
• the EEA (European Economic Area) – containing the European Union plus some other countries
• NAFTA {North American Free Trade Area) – Canada, US and Mexico
• GAFTA {Greater Arab Free Trade Area)
• Mercosur – a grouping of South American countries have dismantled – abolished – trade barriers between their member countries, or moved towards dismantling them. These barriers include:
• tariffs- taxes on imported goods
• quotas – limits on the number of goods that can be imported
Supporters of free trade believe that there is increased prosperity for all if goods and services can be freely bought and sold all around the world, The World Trade Organization (WTO) is working to remove or dismantle trade barriers and to resolve trade disputes ..:.. disagreements about trade.
However, countries of the North have yet to open up their markets fully to agricultural goods from the South. WTO negotiations are permanently ongoing. The latest stage of negotiations is referred to as the Doha round, after the Gulf city in Qatar where they began in 2001.

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Example Conversation Questions:

What are Free trade areas?

What are some of the features of Blocs?

What is European Economic Area?

What is it formed for?

What is North American Free Trade Area?

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