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The United Nations Sustainable Development Goats (SDGs) relate to areas such as the ending of poverty, the target of zero hunger, the provision of health and well-being for all and so on. There are social goals such as gender equality -equal rights for men and women. They also relate to the wider goal of sustainable economic growth worldwide. There is much discussion of how this growth can be achieved, and the place of development aid (Unit 58) in this growth.

From Business Vocabulary in Use 

Example Conversation Questions:

How do you define sustainable development goals?
How can sustainable development goals end poverty?
How is poverty targeted in your country?
How does sustainable development goals target zero hunger?
How realistic are zero hunger targets?
How can health and well-being be provided through sustainable development goals?
How sustainable are well-being goals in your country?
How can gender role be equalized through sustainable development goals?
What is sustainable economic growth?

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