Business Conversation Questions are widely used in speaking activities as pair interview or group discussion.

There is more and more relevant information about ethically run companies that people can put their money into. In the UK, FTSE4Good is an index of ethically managed companies. In the US, there are the Dow Jones Sustainability indexes:
• DJSI World – containing the shares of 300 companies from 23 countries that lead their industries in terms of sustainability
•· DJSI Stoxx-180 companies from European countries sustainability is the idea that businesses should be. run not for short-term profit, but in a way that takes account of long-term interest’s of society and the environment.

From Business Vocabulary in Use 

Example Conversation Questions:

what is social responsibility investment?

What makes it possible?

What are the features of a well-managed companies?

What is FTSE4Good?

What is it responsible for?

Who are ethically managed companies?

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