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In recent years, businesses have been increasingly aware of the importance of social and environmental issues for their reputation. There has been a trend towards commissioning social audits relating to their social performance – these audits evaluate the effect of their behavior in relation to their employees and to society as a whole. A new dimension in this is companies’ attitudes to the now urgent issue of
climate change.
Social audits are part of social reporting – when a company regularly gives information about the social impact of its activities – and supporters say that it is as important as financial reporting. They say that it provides important information for all of a company’s stakeholders. This is part of the wider picture of stakeholder theory – the idea that companies have responsibilities not only to employees, customers and shareholders, but to all members of society affected by their activities. Critics say that a social audit may just be a public relations exercise, with no real benefits.

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Example Conversation Questions:

Can you define social reporting?

How important are social and environmental issues for a company’s reputation?

What are social audits? Why has there been a trend toward commissioning them?

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