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American steel executives complain that they have higher costs than many other steel-producing countries and that they can’t compete with their prices. They say that some countries are dumping their steel – selling it for less than it costs to produce. So they asked the government to impose tariffs on imported steel.
But steel producers in other countries feel that the US is engaging in unfair trade practices; from their point of view it’s protectionism. They say that they believe in free trade, and that they should be allowed to compete in an open world market for steel. And even within free trade areas, during the economic crisis of 2007-9 there were calls by some politicians for companies to repatriate production to their home countries in order to qualify for financial assistance from the government.

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Example Conversation Questions:

What are the protected industries?

What are some examples of protected industries?

Why are protected industries on the pick of economy?

Why some countries dump their material prices?

Why do such countries ask for tariffs?

What are unfair trade practices?

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