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Companies are also increasingly aware of the importance of their suppliers’ reputation. For example, a lot of clothing manufacturing is done by suppliers in developing countries. Companies in this industry are particularly open to criticisms about labour exploitation. Some employ sweatshop labour- underpaid people with terrible working conditions. Another aspect of this is lack of worker representation, for example in workplaces where trade unions (see Unit 5) are banned.
But many point to progress by leading companies in this area in improving labour standards – for example, ensuring that their suppliers are paying their workers fairly, that they have a good health and safety record, with low levels of illness and accidents, and so on. Companies and their suppliers also do not use child labour – they ensure that workers are above the legal minimum age. They know that, increasingly, they have to be seen to be socially responsible.
However, critics say that companies with lower profiles may not be observing these standards.

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Example Conversation Questions:

What are labour standards?

What is the minimum and maximum working hours worldwide? How about your country?

What is labour exploitation? What are some negative effects of it?

Has your company ever exploited people?

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