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In terms of economic development, the world is divided into:
• the rich industrialized countries or advanced· economies of the West. (The West is taken to include countries such ·as Japan and Australia.).
• the developing countries or less-developed countries (LDCs) at various stages of industrialization -they are newly industrialized countries {NICs). Some of these are middle-income countries. And some, such as the Asian tigers – fast-growing economies in SE: Asia like Taiwan and Singapore – are reaching Western levels of wealth and prosperity. The BRIC countries – Brazil, Russia, India, China – have also been quickly increasing their income per head·- the money earned and the wealth possessed by each person.
• countries with rural economies -based on agriculture – and very little industry, where most people are very poor. These are sometimes referred to as the Third World. People who want to emphasize the difference between the industrialized and the less-developed· countries of the world often refer to the North and the South.

From Business Vocabulary in Use 

Example Conversation Questions:

What does globalization mean?

What are the advantages and dis advantages of globalization?

How do the industrial countries benefit from globalization?

How do the developing counties benefit from globalization?

How do the rural economies benefit from globalization?

How do the third world countries benefit from globalization?

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