Business Conversation Questions are widely used in speaking activities as pair interview or group discussion.

Claire Longdon is a consumer in Britain:
‘I believe in fair trade. When I buy products, especially commodities like coffee or bananas, I look for the Fairtrade mark. The Fairtrade organization makes sure that producers and growers, often smallholders – small farmers – are paid a fair price, not just the market price, which can be catastrophically low. ” Producers are encouraged to form co-operatives – organizations jointly owned by them – in order to sell their product without going through the usual middlemen – wholesalers.
‘Prices can fall dramatically when there is overproduction around the world, causing a glut in a particular commodity, but Fairtrade guarantees prices paid to producers.’

From Business Vocabulary in Use 

Example Conversation Questions:

What is fair trade?

What are the features of fair trade?

What is fair trade mark?

How important is fair trade mark in your country?

How is fair trade mark used?

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