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For over 40 years, governments in many developed countries have imposed stringent – strict – environmental regulation to combat environmental pollution – damage to the land, sea, etc. caused by industry. For example, companies should not pollute the air with toxic emissions from chimneys or with effluent – toxic liquids that they discharge into rivers or the sea. They should dispose of waste in acceptable ways.
Critics who say that manufacturing is often moved to countries with less strict regulations complain that pollution is being exported.
Nuclear power plants are required to monitor levels of radioactivity – a form of energy that can harm humans, animals, etc. – but critics say that even minimum levels of radioactivity are unacceptable. And some pollutants are carcinogenic – they cause cancer. The nuclear energy debate has now been reactivated in the context of climate change. Supporters of nuclear power say that it can help to combat global warming.

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Example Conversation Questions:

What are some of the negative effects environmental damage?
What are some of the environmental regulations in your country?
Who monitors such regulations?
Why should environmental regulations be stringent?

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