Business Conversation Questions are widely used in speaking activities as pair interview or group discussion.

Deep-sea fishing has to be done in a way that maintains fish stocks and avoids overfishing. Agricultural products should be produced in ways that can be continued and that avoid overfarming. Ideally, those engaged in logging that causes deforestation should have an incentive to maintain future timber stocks through reafforestation.
Another aspect of sustainability is renewable resources, including alternative energy sources such as wind power, solar power from the sun and tidal power from the natural rises and falls in sea level. These are together known as renewables. These are some of the environmental or green issues that governments and companies are facing. Companies may say that their products and activities are eco-friendly. (Eco- is used in many other combinations to refer to the environment.)
All this is part of the idea that businesses should be run in ways that are sustainable – in ways that maintain the resources that they rely on. Companies may say, for example, that their products come from sustainable forests 9r their seafood from sustainable fishing methods. Some companies produce reports on these issues that give a more favorable impression than is justified by the facts. This is called greenwash by critics.

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Example Conversation Questions:

What are eco-friendly products?
What is specific about eco-friendly products?
Does your company advocate eco-friendly products?
Are eco-friendly products produced in your country?
How frequent are eco-friendly products used in your country?

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