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Companies have long had codes of ethics and codes of conduct saying how their managers and employees should behave. Now they are looking at these issues in more systematic ways. They are designating executives to oversee the whole area of corporate social responsibility (CSR), which relates to the following areas, among others:

Employment and Community: they want to pay attention to things that affect the well-being of everyone, not just their employees, in the areas where the company has its plants, offices and other activities.
Environmental Protection: they want to conduct business in ways that protect the environment, for example to ensure that the company does not cause pollution of the air, rivers, etc. and does not endanger plant and animal life or contribute to climate change .
Winning New Business: they want, for example, to get business without engaging in corruption, for example offering bribes – money given to someone so that they behave unethically.

Companies want to be seen as good corporate citizens, with activities that are beneficial not only for their stakeholders (see Unit “14) but for the community and society as a whole.

From Business Vocabulary in Use 

Example Conversation Questions:

What are a company’s codes of ethics? Can you give an example?

What are some of your company’s codes of ethics?

What are a company’s codes of conduct? Can you give an example?

What are some of your company’s codes of conduct?

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