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Corporate governance is the way a company is organized and managed at the highest level. This can have a critical influence on the company’s performance. A company’s board of directors or corporate board includes the following board members:
• executive directors, the chief executive officer (CEO) and other senior managers such as the finance director.
• non-executive directors, non-execs or independent board members – outsiders with relevant management experience who are invited to sit on the board, bringing their expertise and an external view. Large investors in a company like pension funds may also have seats on the board so that they can influence how the company is run.
In some countries such as Germany, there are two boards. Above the management board is a more senior supervisory board, some of whose members are not shareholders. These boards are a company’s governance bodies.
Commentators talk about the quality of a company’s stewardship – the way that it is guided,
managed and protected. In the banking crisis of 2007-9, there were complaints that banks’ board members had not been active enough in questioning the actions of banks’ CEOs, actions that led to the collapse of their institutions.

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Example Conversation Questions:

What does corporate governance mean?

What are some of the features of corporate governance?

Who does the board of directors include?

What are some of their major functions?

Who are executive directors?

Who is the chief executive officer (CEO) of a company?

What are the major responsibilities of a CEO?

Who is your company’s CEO?

What are some of their main responsibilities?

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