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A bubble is a period when demand for something- the number of people who want to buy it – grows too fast, leading to prices also rising too fast.

Here are some frequent combinations with ‘bubble’:

  • Economic Financial bubbles
  • Speculative bubbles
  • Real estate/housing bubbles
  • Mortgage bubbles
  • Shopping grocery bubbles
  • Clothing bubbles
  • Currencies bubbles

Then the bubble bursts, with demand falling very fast. Prices crash, with buyers wanting to sell for whatever they can get, including those who had bought at the top of the market – when prices were highest.

Bellow you can find Conversation Questions about Bubble Prices.

Bubble Prices

How do you define bubble prices?

What are the differences between bubble prices and inflation?

Are bubbles common in your country? Why?

Why does this phenomenon happen in economy?

What are the disadvantages of Bubble prices?

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