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The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank play an important role in the development of less developed countries. A main function of the World Bank is to lend money to countries so that they can obtain the conditions for economic growth. For example, the World Bank sponsors infrastructure projects – road building, water supply systems, etc. and projects in health, education and agriculture. But developing countries may build up unsustainable levels of debt and An infrastructure project – ditch-digging be unable to repay these debts. The IMF has debt reduction programmes for Heavily Indebted Poor Countries (HIPCs) that will reduce the amount of money that they owe. The IMF also contributes to work on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – specific targets relating to poverty reduction and the stimulation of growth in poorer countries.

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Example Conversation Questions:

What is International Monetary Fund?

What is the function of International Monetary Fund?

How can less developed countries benefit from the World Bank?

Why should a country borrow money from the World Bank?

Has your country ever borrowed money from the World Bank?

What does the World Bank sponsor?

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