Articles a/an/the Exercise

Sometimes the differences between a, an, and the are so little that they can’t be identifiable. to be able to distinguish definite and indefinite articles one should have done the exercises related to each of them separately from here.


As discussed before, indefinite articles are usually used with nouns we hear them for the first time or represent a general sample of the specific group of nouns:

look at the following example:

I need to by a guitar.

In this sentence, I’m not aiming at a specific guitar. However, the following example has a controversial meaning.

The guitar you bought me is very beautiful.

Here, I’m referring to the specific guitar. In other words, in the first case, when I ask the question: “which guitar” the response is “I haven’t decided yet. or I don’t know”, but in the latter case, the answer will be “the one you bought me”

Ehsan Mehrtaj

Cambridge DELTA Holder

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