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The biggest shareholders in many companies are institutional investors such as investment funds – funds that group together the money of many different investors. There has been criticism that institutional investors are not active enough in the companies that they invest in – for example, when they do not vote at shareholders’ meetings.
And in the banking crisis of 2007-9, there was criticism that shareholders had not challenged the decisions being made by the banks’ executives. Critics say that good corporate governance requires activist shareholders who take a more active role in the way that the companies that they invest in are run.

From Business Vocabulary in Use 

Example Conversation Questions:

Who is an activist shareholder?

Who is an institutional investor?

Why should institutional investors be active?

What are negative results of having inactive institutional investor?

What can an institution do to have active shareholders?

What are some ways to motivate shareholders?

What is investment fund?

What is investment fund used for?

What can a bank do with investment funds?

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